help others decide where to go on a Sunday and avoid disappointment

The vegetarian and vegan Sunday roast hunters

“We have discovered through experience that vegetarian and vegan Sunday roasts can be a difficult thing to find”

Who are we?


We are Deb and Scott, a northern couple who met many years ago when Deb asked the barman in a local pub if he had any jobs, the barman was Scott and we have been together ever since.  Deb is a long term vegetarian (since the age of 9!) and Scott is a recent convert (having said he never would!).  

Our Mission

We had the idea for this website one day in 2023 when visiting a pub (The One Elm) in Stratford Upon Avon. As it was a Sunday we had searched the menu online to ensure there was a vegetarian roast dinner on the menu, as on a Sunday we didn’t want a burger, tart or risotto, we want what everyone else is having, a fabulous Sunday roast!  The website advised us that they did provide a vegan Sunday roast dinner so we booked.  On arriving the menu did indeed advertise vegan Sunday lunch but on ordering we were advised it had ‘sold out’ – disaster!!   Would we be stuck with the usual vegan/vegetarian offering on the sacred day of Sunday?? No, they offered to sub us the promised vegan wellington for a burger (without bun!) with all the usual roasties, gravy, veg etc.  we accepted and it actually worked.  But it got us thinking there must be other people out there like us who are always searching for a veggie roast and that’s when the idea of our database was born!!